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What Makes Spring Rain Different?

Every company claims to have the best softener but that's usually as far as it goes. We want to prove it to you! We'll gladly explain why every valve, resin, filter media, membrane,  ect. Is the best possible choice for your water treatment needs. Our commitment to customer service before, during and especially after the sale is a source of pride for the owners and employees of our company. I instruct every employee to ask themselves, "Would I recommend this product or course of action to my family?"If the answer is always YES, you can feel good at the end of the day! Call us today to see how can help your family!      When purchasing a water treatment system, here are the advantages we have over box stores and internet companies. These type of systems are "one size fits all". The water in the Phoenix Metro area is completely different from that Chicago, IL or Miami, FL. Yet, these companies don't change their systems.  We've designed our systems based on the water composition specifically in the Phoenix, Arizona area. On average, Water Treatment Systems from the Big Box Stores last about 5-7 years. That's five big box store purchases compared to the lifespan of one Spring Rain System.  Also, once you purchase from a big box store or from an internet supplier, the burden falls on the consumer to find a reputable company that is familiar with the proper installation and servicing of that brand. History has shown that those installers rarely care to service or maintain these units.  The Spring Rain Difference means not only that your system will last longer, but that you have access to our service 7 days a week. Water Conditioning has been our sole focus since 1998. For over 20 years, we have been committed to customer service before, during, and especially after the sale. 
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The Valley of the Sun is known for a very specific set of water problems. Spring Rain is known for the solution. The SoftenerMax+ system both filters and softens your water in one complete system. Our mid-plate tank system utilizes high quality catalytic carbon to remove chlorine, chloramine, and over 80 different chemicals before passing through our softening resin filter.  Improve your water's odor, taste, and quality with one complete system. 


Water Treatment Solutions in Chandler, AZ

As a local company, the team at Spring Rain, Inc. is committed to providing the most effective and efficient water treatment options on the market. With our complete understanding of the issues with the water in the area, we can provide a customized solution in water treatment products in Chandler, AZ. Our water treatment systems are proven to be effective in this area, leaving you with pure, fresh water that is refreshing, delicious, and safe for the whole family. Spring Rain, Inc. is a water treatment solutions company for homes throughout Chandler, AZ and the surrounding areas.

Home Water Treatment in Chandler, AZ

Spring Rain, Inc. was established in 1998. With 20+years of experience, we can tackle any water problems you are experiencing at your home in the area. Unlike some companies offering water solutions, we are a family-owned and operated company specializing in the maintenance and installation of water conditioning equipment. We also provide a top selection of home water softeners, water filtration systems, and reverse osmosis systems. This focus allows us to offer water purification systems that are tried and tested. When you need water softeners and water treatment products, turn to our experts for water tests and assistance in choosing the best options for your Chandler, AZ, home.

With 20+ Years of Experience in Chandler, AZ, Spring Rain Inc. Puts The Customer First

Serving Maricopa County & Beyond

About Our Company

Established in 1998, Spring Rain is a family-owned and operated company specializing in the maintenance and installation of water conditioning equipment, including water softeners, and reverse osmosis systems within and around Maricopa County, Arizona.

People First

Customer service is what sets us apart from other companies. A large part of that is being there when you need us. Call us any time of the day and you will reach a live person who will be able to listen, offer advice, and answer any questions you may have. We never hard sell you or try to talk you into something you don't need, and we will always find the best water treatment option that fits your budget. Have family back east? We also have a division in Coplay, Pennsylvania.

Brands You Can Trust

While we have access to most brands, we're careful to only recommend reliable, time-tested equipment from the most reputable brands. You'll find that our prices are low but our equipment is of very high quality.