Saltless Water Conditioning

Innovative technology that prevents scale buildup without the use of salt, providing efficient water treatment while being environmentally friendly.

Scale Control/Scale Prep

Scale Prep is a saltless water conditioning product that has both commercial and residential applications. This system preserves beneficial materials, is chemical free, maintenance free, requires no electricity and no maintenance. This product reduces soap and chemical consumption by 30%-40%.

How Does the Scale Prep System Works?

The Scale Prep System, offered by Spring Rain Water Solutions, operates as an innovative and proactive approach to combating the detrimental effects of scale buildup caused by hard water. This advanced system utilizes a specialized template-assisted crystallization (TAC) technology. As water passes through the Scale Prep System, it encounters small, uniquely designed polymeric beads within the cartridge. These beads serve as nucleation sites, encouraging the formation of microscopic calcium crystals. Unlike the calcium deposits that result in limescale, these crystals remain suspended in the water and do not adhere to surfaces. This transformation prevents the accumulation of limescale in pipes, fixtures, and appliances, ensuring that your plumbing system remains free from the adverse impact of hard water. The Scale Prep System doesn’t remove calcium from water but rather transforms its behavior, making it a highly effective and eco-friendly method to address scale-related issues.

Why is there Calcium in My Water?

The presence of calcium in your water is a common occurrence and is primarily attributed to the natural geological composition of the water source. Groundwater, the main source of tap water for many, interacts with rocks and soil, dissolving minerals like calcium along the way. This dissolved calcium finds its way into your water supply. While calcium is an essential mineral for human health and nutrition, its presence in high concentrations within your water can lead to various challenges. One notable consequence is the formation of limescale when this water is heated or evaporates, causing deposits that clog pipes, reduce appliance efficiency, and leave unsightly residues. Understanding the origin of calcium in your water underscores the importance of effective solutions like water softeners or the Scale Prep System to mitigate its adverse effects and ensure the longevity of your plumbing and appliances.